FreeKidz Online Resources

Due to the advice from the government regarding the Coronavirus all Freekidz activities are closed until further notice. However, we would still love to stay connected with you so below are some resources you can use with your family at home to view online or to download.
Pentecost (261.7KB) 29/05/2020,
light of the world - bible verse activity (23.8KB) 23/05/2020,
family devotion - light of the world (261.0KB) 23/05/2020,
I am worksheet (11.9KB) 15/05/2020,
family devotion Bread of Life (259.8KB) 15/05/2020,
family devotion - obey (252.4KB) 09/05/2020,
Trumpet (147.0KB) 09/05/2020,
family devotion- obey (252.4KB) 09/05/2020,
code word (24.0KB) 01/05/2020,
family devotion - Gods power and promises (265.3KB) 01/05/2020,
family devotion - Faith (251.2KB) 24/04/2020,
Rahab and the spies wordsearch (370.9KB) 24/04/2020,
family devotion - God is with us (255.4KB) 17/04/2020,
Picture clues (385.4KB) 17/04/2020,
Palm sunday wordsearch (1.4MB) 03/04/2020,

The Free - Making Every Moment