From the 7th November 2021, our Sunday Gatherings will have a new emphasis. This video gives you some more information about what you can expect:

10am Celebration

This is an opportunity for people of all ages to celebrate being church together.
It has lots of different people being involved in Worship which will be accessible to everyone.
This means that the focus of the first part of the service will be intergenerational and during the sermon the children and young people will spend time learning together in a variety of ways including spending time outside.
The sermon will be followed by a chance to listen to God & to respond to what He's saying to us.
Our aim is to finish the service by 11.15am.
As we meet together we want to give God glory, seek His presence and expect His kingdom.

5.30pm Cafe Church

Cafe church meets in Oasis Community Cafe from 5.15pm until 6.30pm every Sunday tea time. 
It's an informal way of being church together, we listen share and learn from each other.
If that sounds like your kind of thing or even if it doesn't you're very welcome to join us.

6pm Thrive

Thrive Logo FINAL
This is a place where anybody of all ages; of all backgrounds can come and worship God.
The service will start with Worship followed by some interactive teaching where we ask you in groups to discuss what we're looking at.
At 7pm we will pause and have cake break; which we love right in the middle of our service.
Following cake break for about half an hour we will enjoy open Worship together where we expect God's kingdom to be shown amongst us.

YouTube Channel

Invite your friends and family to join us online for these services on our YouTube channel
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