Our Vision

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Our Vision is that "We see a growing crowd, excited by God, becoming disciples and bringing blessing"

This is the church we believe God has called us to be

How we get there
The reason The Free exists is simple:"making every moment count...to see lives transformed by Jesus"

We want to seize every opportunity to show everyone just how much they are loved and valued by God and to see them join that growing crowd of people who are excited by all that he has for them!

What we value

At The Free we have 5 Key Values
1. We value pioneering; we are prepared to look for new opportunities which we can use to introduce people to Jesus.
2. We value risk-taking; we want to cheer on those who seek to do the seemingly impossible for God!
3. We value Faith; we can only pioneer and take risks because our faith is firmly in God. He is the one who makes the risk-taking worthwhile!
4. We value generosity; we are open-handed with everything that God gives us.
5. We value bringing blessing; the most incredible blessing, to see a life transformed by the love, grace and power of Jesus Christ.

How we help people to grow
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The Free - Making Every Moment